Preparing a sample in our laboratory, sourcing quality appropriate packaging, completing paperwork, door to door delivery – and more

Our team of dedicated technicians ensure that the quality of all repacked product is maintained throughout. Dependant on the nature of the product, decant is carried out in either our custom built laboratory, clean room or dye room.

SampleRite provides a large variety of inner and outer packaging options to meet safety requirements, client preference and UN legislation. Individual product labels are created and, if required, can be produced in multiple languages.



All SampleRite employees are IATA / ADR trained and will complete all necessary paperwork in line with current legislation. Our team of qualified technicians ensure the safe handling of products and are committed to using the most advanced packaging materials.



If your product samples are specifically prepared in your laboratory before despatch to customers, we can organise for these to be collected and returned to our premises for packaging, preparation and delivery.

For high value products, where the sample size constitutes an order, we will invoice your customer direct. This allows you to focus on preparing the larger orders for despatch, whilst SampleRite processes requests of a much smaller quantity.

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