Chemical sample preparation and shipment – getting it right the first time, every time

SampleRite liaises regularly with clients to ensure optimum stock management, taking into consideration factors affecting demand, including new product launches, marketing campaigns and legislative issues. This also ensures that the costs of waste and disposal are kept to a minimum.

Stock can be sourced direct from client, or alternatively a nominated supplier.




Your Product Managers are regularly updated on the movement of product lines to customers, and will work closely with the Stock Control Department to keep disposal of unused products to a minimum and to understand the sampling activity of each product line and the industry application.

We ensure full batch traceability at any time and are pleased to adhere to specific batch requests from customers.



All aspects of stock management are controlled through our fully integrated computer system recording:

•Actual stock levels
•Stock re-order levels and quantities
•Batch numbers
•Product shelf life
•Warehouse location

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